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This week Asia Pop 40 launched a brand new segement called ‘Asia’s Own’ where we highlight popular Asian artists and music releases. Hosted by Asian music and culture expert Jamaica Dela Cruz, you can read more of Jamaica at her blog

This week Jamaica features Chinese artist Jane Zhang who recently announced her upcoming album, a collaboration with Timbaland and has now officially released her first single of 2016, “Dust My Shoulders Off “.

Jane rose to prominence after her third-place finish in the 2005 season of ‘Super Girl’, a national all-female singing competition in China. Throughout the competition, she sang in English, Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin.

With seven consecutive wins for Best Female Singer at the China Pop Charts Awards and the title of Best Asian Artist from the Mnet Asian Music Awards, it was only a matter of time before Zhang sought success on the global music scene.

This new single is in English, and tells the story of someone who may be having a rough day but who quickly decides to “dust her shoulders off”.

The video is something we haven’t quite seen before, and it’s definitely something that will be remembered! There is famous art everywhere!

Zhang’s as-yet untitled album, executive-produced by Timbaland, is due in early 2017 from Montage Records.

Here is Zhang’s brand new video: