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Since Tuesday afternoon social media users worldwide have been sharing the mysterious phrase “Om Telolet Om”, it has taken the world by storm!

It’s proven particularly popular with DJs, inspiring tweets, mash-ups, videos and confusion.

But what is it? The answer lies in the bus horns of Indonesia!

Young people in Indonesia, amused by the local buses’ customised horns, have been waiting by the side of the road for buses to pass, encouraging the drivers to toot their horn when they do. Videos depicting this craze have gone viral in Indonesia.

Some held signs to better attract the attention of the driver – signs which said ‘Om Telolet Om’, which roughly translates to ‘Sir honk your horn sir’ in English.

Youngsters have been spamming prominent artists and DJs with the phrase leading to many groups reporting being spammed with the phrase.

And now the response has been enormous and DJs have sampled the Indonesian bus horns which started the trend off.

As the phrase continues to trend worldwide, further videos are sure to emerge.