CJ Harrison

By C. Harrison  14th July, 2020.


Asia Pop 40 recently had the chance to catch up with rising European artist Vlade Kay.

We took the opportunity to get to know a little but more about him.


Asia Pop 40:  Vlade, thanks for joining us again.


Vlade Kay: Thanks for talking to me again.


AP40: We want to get to know you a little better here, so first up, how old are you, and where are you from?


VK: I recently turned 20, back on May 11, and I was born in St Petersburg in Russia. 


AP40: Okay cool, so, Vlade Kay; that’s your stage name, right?


VK: Yes, my real name is Vladimir Kiselev, and is used to perform under the name VladiMir in Russia, but I use Vlade Kay for my international and English language releases.


AP40: That makes sense. So, how did you get into music?


VK: I went to St John’s Senior School, which was on the northern edge of London, and during the school holidays I’d go back to Moscow and study at the Odintsovo Music School.


AP40: Oh, what did they teach you there?


VK: I learned piano, flute, singing and music theory.


AP40: nice. So did you finish your education in the UK?


VK: No, I actually finished high school at the International Moscow Economics School, and I have also studied Rare & Oriental Languages and Politics at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.


AP40: So, are you still studying?


VK: Yes, I’m currently studying Global Process at Moscow State University.


AP40: Wow, that’s impressive. Now, let’s talk about your music career. We know you studied music during your school years, but when as the first time you got to perform on stage?


VK:  As a kid I put on little concerts at home for my family and neighbours, but must first time on a big stage was back in 2013.


AP40: so you would’ve been like, 13?


VK: 12 actually. It was at the Olympic Arena in Moscow. I was lucky enough to perform alongside legendary Russian rock band Zemlyane.


AP40: That sounds awesome! What did you actually get to do?


VK: I sung one of their songs called Little Boat. It was a lot of fun.


AP40: That is quite a debut performance! Where did you go from there?


VK: Later that year I also performed in Red Square in Moscow for Russia’s National Day celebrations.


AP40: That sounds like another massive audience. Was that daunting at such a young age?


VK: I was a big crowd, but I think I did okay.


AP40: So, let’s talk about now. Late last year you released an awesome collaboration with DJ Snake called All This Lovin’, and a few singles since, what’s next?


VK: I have something very special coming out at the start of August…


AP40: Can you let us in on any info


VK: No, not yet sorry!


AP40: Fair enough. Vlade, thanks for joining us, again, on Asia Pop 40.


VK: Thanks for having me.