Universal Music (UMG) has expanded its partnership with Amazon and Twitch, which it hopes will provide music lovers with access to some of the world’s most popular music content.

The partnership will include livestreams, high-quality and spatial audio, artist merchandise and exclusive experiences with UMG’s industry-leading roster of artists from around the world, which will be hosted on Amazon’s platforms including Twitch and Amazon Music.

In addition, Twitch and UMG will work together to foster opportunities for artists and labels to engage with their fans and new audiences creatively and commercially.

For example, Twitch will provide commercial opportunities for UMG and its artists to engage directly with fans through its products. UMG will create artist and label channels on the platform, and work closely with it to produce a series of artist features and experiences, in addition to other music-based content, specifically for the service.

“With these agreements, we are proud to build on our track record of success in working closely with Amazon, and we’re looking forward to delivering even more incredible experiences for our artists and music fans everywhere,” said Michael Nash, executive vice-president of digital strategy at Universal Music Group.

For Twitch, it embodies a creator-first culture, including empowering musicians, said Tracy Chan, head of music at Twitch. “Now more than ever, we are excited to work with UMG to further broaden the scope of tools available for their artists to engage with fans, while also providing new avenues for their artists to earn meaningful income while streaming on Twitch.”